Sofas to Fall for (and on) this Spring


Sofas are wonderful pieces of furniture, because the sofa corner is the place in your home where you can relax and chill out with cool people or just enjoy a peaceful moment by yourself. You can read a magazine or a book, watch TV or just spend time close to someone. You can take a break from the never-ending demands of achievement that seem to drive this world and just enjoy a moment of stillness and harmony, which is the true luxury of life these days.
“Sofa moments” are something you may not have time for on a daily basis, but they are nevertheless really important components of a harmonious and fulfilling home life.

What Does the Current Sofa Trend Look Like?

To name a few popular sofa characteristics right now, the elegant and soft material velvet is really trendy at this moment and so are the vibrant tones of blue and pink. However, perhaps the most important and interesting trend evolving in 2016 and 2017 is the rise of a more artistic and personal touch in interior design. This means that even more importantly than looking beautiful and modern, your home should be a reflection of your personality.

Are you up for some sofa inspiration? I’ve been looking at a couple of sofas lately and I also found really interesting sofa individuals at Stockholm Furniture Fair last week, so I have a couple of sofas in mind I think are fantastic and I want to share them with you.

Playful and Simple Beauty: Mags Soft Sofa by HAY

Look at this handsome one! Mags Soft Sofa looks simplistically beautiful and oh so inviting. Loyal to its name, it’s really soft and virtually calls for some chilling and relaxation in the midst of a high-paced week. It’s also the perfect sofa for a pillow fight! The sofa colour here is a neutral grey and you can style it completely according to your own personality by adding a touch of colour with some cushions, side tables, art work and wall paint. You can design this sofa to fit your individual space perfectly, because it comes in modules.Mags_soft_sofa_Hay_Nordic_Design_Star

Classy and Timeless: Fly Sofa by &Tradition, designed by Space Copenhagen

Representing a timeless and elegant style, the Fly sofa will never fall out of fashion. The sofa frame is made from solid oak that only becomes more beautiful with time, which means that this sofa ages with true grace. Because of the timeless design, this sofa plays well with many different styles and in various surroundings and atmospheres. If I would buy this sofa I would definitely also see a second life for this lovely piece of furniture at our summer villa in the archipelago.


Modern One-Room Living: Innovation Sofa Beds

The Danish design brand Innovation offers a vast selection of gorgeous creations that function both as a sofa and a bed. There are many high-quality mattress options and the sofa beds can actually be used for sleeping on every night. They are also great ways to accommodate guests, if your home lacks a dedicated guest room. A wide variety of sofa and daybed models, fabrics and leg options enable you to compose a sofa that knocks your living room out of the park. Here are some examples of the models and facbrics:

Innovation Dublexo Sofa Bed in Soft Indigo Colour

(Read more about Dublexo sofa bed by Innovation here)

Balder Sofa Bed by Innovation in Soft Coral Colour

(Read more about Balder sofa bed by Innovation here)

Innovation Napper Day Bed, Velvet Blue

(Read more about Napper day bed by Innovation here)

 Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed by Innovation, Soft Coral

(Read more about Puzzle sofa bed by Innovation here)

Innovation Zeal Day Bed, Velvet Slate Grey

(Read more about Zeal day bed by Innovation here)

Spring Is Here. Looking for Outdoor Seating?

Oasiq_red_nordicdesignstarOutdoor furniture brand Oasiq presented a really nice looking outdoor seating collection called Sandur at Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2016. Oasiq’s designs are inspired by nature and the Sandur seating designed by Mark Gabbertas is inspired by undulating sand dunes. Sandur has a two-seater sofa that goes very well with the Sandur Club Chairs.


This was it! Hope you became as inspired about these sofa beauties as I did when I first saw them.

What kind of a sofa would you like to have? Comment below.


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